KNOWMIND® ENTERPRISES INC. is the most innovative manufacturer of TOP QUALITY adult hardware in the USA. KNOW MIND® designs, engineers, manufactures, and sells unique adult products that last and last. All KNOW MIND® products are made of the finest materials available. Our WHIP LITE "The Painless Whip" Has been granted U.S. Patent. 6,015,086, The AQUA VULVA series has received US Patent 5,836,865. WWOWW, Thanks HBO® Real Sex® # 27, the show was EXCELLENT!!! The comments, the E-mails, the ORDERS WWOWW!!! See us on Sexcetera® # 30, and Playboy® magazine "Uncle Sam's Sex Toys©" in July 2002 and Oct 2003 Playboy® TV Night Calls 411, Penthouse® Magazine, and many more. Here we come Europe, watch for "Emma's A to Zs of American Sex®" by Daisybrook productions on the Europeon TV network. Emma you called it to the letter, G that is. WOW.

The ASSTROKNOT® series of unique stimulators are all beautifully hand crafted from solid BORONEX® rods. Here's what the Asstroknots® look like... BORONEX® material has been used for decades to make pots and pans, oven cook ware, and other utensils for the home. BORONEX® is not damaged even when heated to 600 degrees in the oven, or frozen. Unlike rubber, acrylic, and plastic, ASSTROKNOTS® stay slick for a long time without reapplying extra lube or re-wetting. Asstroknots® are the best thing to happen to water based lubes. Clean BORONEX® will not hold odor like all other products available. Our select group of artists create ASSTROKNOTS® one at a time. Each unit is carefully inspected to insure perfect smoothness. ASSTROKNOTS® may be sterilized, washed in soap and water, wiped with alcohol. or autoclaved. Water and oil based lubricants will become a new experience with ASSTROKNOTS®. BORONEX® is a stronger, safer form of glass and should be handled like any other glass product. With proper care these products could last for thousands of years. ALL ASSTROKNOTS® come with a gorgeous velvet bag for safe storage. We ship in 72 hours.

This is "IT®" IT is a terrific water based lubricant! IT is long lasting and odorless. dissolves quickly under the tap. IT is condom safe. IT works well with all of KNOWMIND®'s fine products. IT comes in an 8oz, / 236 ml squeeze bottle. Try IT Today! IT is NOT a contraceptive and contains NO spermicide!

Toys only get better with Knowmind®. After selling thousands of AQUA VULVA I we had several suggestions from satisfied customers. We incorporated these improvements into AQUA VULVA II.

1. New solid brass tooling for more uniform seams.
2. Deeper radius at both ends for comfort.
3. New 2 stage threaded valve for easier fill and drain.
4. Connecting weld has been inverted to eliminate chafe for women.
5. New shorter unit is easier to handle and store.

AQUA VULVA II is an inexpensive, durable, great feeling sex orifice simulator for men and women. AQUA VULVA II is a radical new way of "getting off" with some improvements that would make Mother Nature jealous.

1. Adjustable temperature.
2. Adjustable tightness.
3. Silky, tongue like texture, inside and out.
4. "Motion of the ocean" wave stimulation.
5. Does not look like a sex toy.
6. Is used "hands Free".
7. Made in USA.
8. Easy to clean.

Caution! May be habit forming!

Whip Lite
WHIP LITE was discovered by accident in a playful moment on my power boat. Whip Lite Sunset I slapped the backside of my mate with the frayed line. I started my swing late, so ended up swinging it at her much harder than I expected. It landed across her bare cheeks with a nice crack. I thought I was going to be in for it, but, to my surprise, she laughed, shook her ass in my face, then stuck out her tongue and said, "That didn't hurt." So I gave her three more pretty good licks before she drifted out of range giggling and wagging her finger at me like I was a naughty boy. I slapped my thigh a few times absently noting that the lashes didn't hurt at all. Curious, I passed her the whip and said, "Hey, whack me a few times with this, OK?" She agreed too readily. Later, sitting in the cockpit I made the first prototype of WHIP LITE . Since then hundreds of you have enjoyed the painless, fun whip, WHIP LITE.